Playmobil 6867 Country Large Tractor with Interchangeable Attachments


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No Job is Too Big for the Large Tractor

  • Features 1 Playmobil figure and accessories

  • Includes a tractor with loader to carry hay bales

  • Functional front loader with tilting trailer

  • Interchangeable Attachments

  • Encourages learning through interactive play


Playmobil, Country, Farm, Tractor, Figure, Farmer

Playmobil, Country, Farm, Tractor, Large, Farmer, Figure, Hay

Playmobil, Country, Farm, Tractor, Large, Detachable, Farmer, Figure

Playmobil, Country, Farm, Tractor, Detachable

Let's Get to Work

The Large Tractor is all the farmer needs for a productive day on the farm.

Front and Back Loaders

For lots of heavy lifting and equipment to move around, the Large Tractor can be loaded on the front as well as the back.

Interchangeable Pieces

Both front and back loaders are interchangeable. The moving front-end loader can be equipped with a shovel, fork or forklift pallets. The bulldozer blade or tow bar can also be attached to the back.

Removable Parts

Remove or swap anything you don't need on the Large Tractor. The roof can be lifted and the front and back loaders removed and replaced with alternative parts - all set for any challenge on the farm!