70824 Queen Watevra WaNabi


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Lego Movie 2 - 70824 Queen Watevra WaNabi

Have Lucy meet the Queen with LEGO Movie 2 Introducing Queen Watevra WaNabi (70824)! But will you recognize the shape-shifting queen? You might think Susan, with her golden goblets, is the queen. Actually, Queen Watevra WaNabi has transformed herself into a beautiful horse! Rebuild the queen into a pile of bricks. And can you help Lucy escape from the queen, Sweet Mayhem, Susan and banana-shaped Banarnar?

Includes 5 LEGO Movie 2 characters: a brick-built Queen Watevra WaNabi in horse form and Banarnar figures, plus Sweet Mayhem and Susan mini-doll figures, and a Lucy minifigure. This fun building toy features a rotating platform for Queen Watevra WaNabi in horse form.
  • 6 YEARS
  • 6 yrs+