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ICE CUBED - Work Out Where to Position Each Cube & Solve the Puzzles

Logical Deduction, Numeracy, Problem Solving, Maths Brainteaser Game, Educational & Fun For All

  • Includes 48 Multi-Level Puzzles
  • Single Player Game 
  • Ingenious Maths Puzzles
  • Age 7 to adult

This ingenious set of 48 graded 3D challenges requires you to use logical deduction combined with maths to correctly position up to five colour-coded ice cubes in a tower. To solve each puzzle, the numbers on the outer face of each side of the ice cubes must vertically add up to the totals shown at the foot of each of the four sides of the tower... all at the same time. It's straightforward enough until you start tackling puzzles without knowing which ice cubes you need to use. This brand new set of puzzles will slowly drive you mad with sub-zero frustration, but each time you succeed, you'll want to push yourself that bit further! The concept is so clever and the puzzles incredibly addictive. Wonderful. 

A game invented to really implement the idea of fun while learning. Ice Cubed is an educational maths game that provides multi- level challenges for the children to play, each harder than the level before, until your child is a maths genius!

Helping children develop their problem solving skills along with numerical fluency, the game can be played as single and multi-player, so long as the child/children can focus and take their time to achieve the correct answer. 

Age: 7 to adult.  1 or more players

  • Box size approx. 30cm x 20cm x 6.2cm