Model Set Tornado ECR Tgr

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1:72 Scale

Product Description

The German Luftwaffe’s Tactical Air Force Squadron 51 operates the Tornado ECR and created a special custom colour scheme for the aircraft that took part in the 2018 joint NATO air forces ‘Tigermeet’ in Poznan, Poland. The large Panthers head motif is based on the squadron’s coat-of-arms. Revell’s detailed model features full cockpit with twin ejector seats, cockpit can be positioned opened/closed, positionable ‘swing’ wings/pylons, positionable air-brakes, full undercarriage, in-flight refuelling probe can be positioned stowed/deployed, multiple weapons pylons, AGM-88 HARM missile, 2x AIM-9L Sidewinder missiles, ECM pod, BOZ 101 pod, and 2 external wing-mounted fuel tanks. This Model Set version also includes; Contacta Professional glue, paintbrush & selected Aqua Color acrylic paints. Decal Options: Tornado ECT 46+57, Tigermeet 2018, Tactical Air Force Squadron 51, Schleswig-Jagel Air Base, plus extensive stenciling NOTE: This is a plastic model kit that needs to be assembled and painted to complete. Glue, a paintbrush and basic paints are included, although additional colours may be required. This is a Skill Level 4 kit, rated for advanced model builders.

Safety Warning

Not suitable for children under the age of 12. Small parts may be a chokig hazard.

Set includes Glue, paints and brush

Level 4

24.3cm length  x 20.1cm wide

155 parts