Sylvanian Families Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Marguerite Rabbit Family


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To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Sylvanian Families we are welcoming a brand new family! The Marguerite family are pretty pale-pink rabbits all wearing outfits based on Marguerite daisies with a floral yellow theme.

Four figure poseable Limited Edition 35th Anniversary family set.

Father Landon Marguerite is an expert gardener and grows flowers for all the shops in Sylvania. He knows all the most popular varieties for every season, and keeps the Blooming Flower Shop in town stocked with beautiful blooms all year round. His favourite flower, of course, are marguerite daises.

Mother Lisa Marguerite deals with all the orders from the florists and makes sure that all their flower orders through the family business are delivered on time. She can often be seen driving around Sylvania with the back of the Bluebell Seven Seater packed with containers filled with colourful blooms.

Brother Romeo Marguerite is a charmer and then some, but he can also be rather mischievous. He can often be seen presenting little bouquets of daisies to his friends and teachers – meaning that everyone thinks he is just the sweetest little boy in Sylvania. However if you’re watching closely you may spot him pulling the bow out of his sister’s hair, or filling her favourite shoes with mud from the garden!
Sister Serena Marguerite has a very calm nature, which she needs with her brother constantly playing pranks on her. Serena’s favourite hobby is making albums of pressed flowers, which she thinks make wonderful homemade gifts for her family and friends. She loves spending time with her father in the garden and learning the names of all the different varieties he is growing this season.